About Us

Mission Statement

The Mission of Northeastern Oklahoma Council on Alcoholism is to provide compassionate, individualized drug and alcohol treatment in a community based setting.
NOCA's mission is to welcome all consumers with substance abuse issues, including those with co-occurring mental health conditions, and remove barriers to treatment where possible.
NOCA is a non-profit organization located in northeast Oklahoma. A Governing Board ensures the quality of Northeastern Oklahoma Council on Alcoholism's treatment programs. The board consists of nine members. These individuals are responsible for the establishment of policies and procedures for the program: they are not responsible for the direct, day to day administration.
The Board of Directors will meet the fourth Wednesday of each month at a preselected location.
NOCA has the following 5 treatment priorities:

1. Remove barriers to treatment
2. Consumers who are IV drug users.
3. Consumers who are pregnant.
4. Gender-specific treatment programs
5. Consumers who demonstrate co-occurring disorders
NOCA also offers the following services:

  • Outpatient Treatment

  • Adult Male Residential Treatment ( Miami & Jay Locations Only)

  • Extended Care

  • Drug Court Treatment

  • Drug and Alcohol Evaluations

  • Urinalysis
                   12-panel screen
                     5-panel screen
                     Alcohol screen

  • Anger Management Evaluations

  • Community Sentencing Evaluations

  • Community Sentencing Outpatient and Residential Treatment



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